Real Treehugger Choices

In an effort to give even the world’s strictest tree huggers choices they can be comfortable with, Highland Cleaners is introducing two new levels of Green Service to allow each customer to choose the level of “green” they desire.

Highland’s “Everyday Service”, which uses the cleaning methods we have used since 1944, has always been “green.” We consider each garment and divert a certain percentage to wet cleaning.  The remainder are cleaned in our natural petroleum solvent.  We feel this is the best combination of quality cleaning and environmental sensitivity.

But now our customers can choose two new even greater levels of green service.

Our “Green Wrap” service simply eliminates the plastic bags that wrap the everyday orders.  Your clothing comes back naked!  Plastic bags protect the garments from rain and during transportation, but many customers find them a nuisance and question the environmental impact of all that packaging.

In conjunction with the elimination of the traditional single use plastic bags, Highland is also now offering the Green Garmento, an eco-friendly alternative to single use plastic.  This four-in-one product acts as a clothing hamper, laundry bag, carrying duffel, and a garment bag to protected your clothing from the elements on the trip home. Similar to the bags you see in Whole Foods and Rainbow Blossom, the Green Garmento is made from 100% recycled materials. And since it can be used over and over and over again, it saves our landfills and saves those plastic trees.

Finally, our new “Green Clean” service is the ultimate green way to clean your clothing.  Highland endeavors to clean every garment in our wet cleaning technology.  This completely eliminates the use of any solvents in the process.  Wetcleaning is universally recognized as the most environmentally friendly method of cleaning your fine clothing.  Highland owns and operates more wet cleaning technology than any other cleaner in the region.  Highland’s “Green Clean” is simply the greenest choice for professionally cleaning their clothes that a Louisville consumer can make, period. For more info about our new Green services, go to

We are also excited about our new drive-thru location in the Highland Green building, a LEED-certified building in the heart of the Cherokee Triangle.  Green building practices were considered in every step of its construction and it truly represents the future of construction in Louisville.  Check out all the features and specs at

So as you can see, you can feel good about bringing your clothing to Highland Cleaners. We really are the greener cleaners and we’re doing our best to live up to that name every day.

Signed:  Michael Anthony Jones and Anne Jones Nash